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Click & Connect provides the opportunity to grow your business network through a range of diverse networking event formats. Whether you are searching for an opportunity to have a relaxed and informal chat with like-minded business people or are looking for a more structured approach, our range of events and meetings offer a choice of solutions.

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Business Buzz
(Soho, Stratford and London Bridge)

Making connections and having new conversations

Business Solutions Network (BSN)

Effective networking that works

‘’Of all the similar networking events I’ve attended in recent months, the one at Soho Business Buzz today hosted by Clare Gillbanks was in my opinion, the most professional and well organised.

I thought the introductions at 11am were smooth and natural and certainly gave the impression that everyone knew what they were doing and why. , whereas others I’ve been to have often come across as a little shambolic and disorganised.’’

Chris Mansfield, Fusion - Business Catatlyst – April 2021

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