If you thought that there was only
one way to network online...

If you thought that there was only one way to network online...


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The ultimate support network

Step into a virtual room where you can meet, chat and interact with other members enabling you to build relationships within the group. Find the help and support to grow your business.

Making connections and having
new conversations

Informal online business networking events, where, as in real life you can mingle and wander round using the incredible Remo platform.

Business Solutions Network

A powerful online meeting designed to bring together relevant and qualified business connections using facilitated introductions and post-meeting follow-ups.

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Who would you like to be connected to that would be useful in collaboration, conversation or referral? How are you meeting them at the moment?

If you enjoy meeting people, business owners and decision makers, join me at any of the events I host regularly by booking online.

Happy to have a chat at the event or arrange a 121.

How are you managing your networking and making connections in this new world?
What are you doing to maintain your presence and reputation online?

My name is Clare Gillbanks and I work with clients to help them sustain their marketing and deal with the problems their businesses face in this constantly changing environment.

How can I connect you? What conversations do you want to be having?